Historically, July has always been the hottest month of the year here in Los Angeles and we expect this year to be no different.
As the scorching temperatures approach, we are grateful to announce our “Beat the Heat” program aimed at providing relief to those affected by the summer heat waves, and we invite you to join our volunteer team and be part of this important initiative!
At LAIT911 Fire Corp, we are known for our dedication to keeping our communities informed and safe during times of crisis, and we believe it’s crucial to proactively support individuals who may be vulnerable to the heat. By joining our Beat the Heat program, you will have the opportunity to make a tangible difference in the lives of those in need.
What will you do as a Beat the Heat volunteer?
Distribute cold water bottles and ice packs: You will be stationed in areas of Los Angeles that are known for their high temperatures. Your role will be to provide refreshing water bottles and cooling ice packs proactively to anyone in need, especially those who spend extended periods outdoors, such as construction workers, delivery personnel, or individuals experiencing homelessness.
Distribute resources on heat safety: In addition to providing immediate relief, you will have the opportunity to distribute informative resource guides on heat safety. These guides will equip individuals with valuable tips and information on how to stay safe and cool during hot weather, recognize signs of heat-related illnesses, and take proactive measures to protect themselves and their loved ones.
What availability is needed?
LAIT911’s goal is to put together a well-built impromptu response team that’s activated when outdoor temperatures reach greater than 90°F, or a heat index greater than 100°F, along with working with other local emergency management agencies for guidance and direction. While we work along the guidance of these organizations, and continuously monitor weather forecasts, we appreciate flexible and open availability due to ever-changing conditions.
Upon activation, shifts are expected to last 4-5 hours. Activation may include weekends, mornings, and evenings, so don’t let a busy work or personal schedule dissuade you – we need any and all time slot availabilities.
What do I need?
No prior experience is required to volunteer for this program. We believe that with your enthusiasm and commitment, you can help us create a safer and more comfortable environment for everyone affected by the summer heat waves. Transportation is required for this role, but carpooling may be an available option.

To apply for this job please visit docs.google.com.