Recent Fires in Mount Washington

Stay informed about fire incidents in the Mount Washington neighborhood of Los Angeles with our online incident tracker. Our tracker provides real-time information on all fire-related incidents in the area, including location, date, type, and current status. These incidents may include home fires, commercial structure fires, vegetation/forest fires, or all other fire-related incidents in the Mount Washington area. By keeping an eye on this information, you can take steps to protect yourself and your loved ones from potential hazards. For more information, click the Info link next to any incident or visit our Los Angeles Incident Tracker for additional fire-related incidents.

Call Time Area Address Details
09-03-23 03:55 PM Vegetation Fire 4450 N Beauvais Ave Info
07-29-23 07:33 PM Vegetation Fire 1749 W Wollam St Info
07-05-23 12:25 PM Vegetation Fire 451 W Av 37 Info
06-22-23 04:36 PM Vegetation Fire 1509 W Kemper St Info
06-04-23 03:41 PM Vegetation Fire 1302 W Cliff Dr Info
06-04-23 03:40 PM Vegetation Fire 1428 W Cliff Dr Info
06-04-23 01:11 PM Vegetation Fire 4315 N San Rafael Ave Info
06-04-23 10:14 AM Structure Fire 3665 N Roseview Ave Info
05-16-23 08:54 AM Vehicle Fire 4425 N Marmion Way Info
04-01-23 08:43 PM Pole Fire 3180 N Future St Info